Service and support

In more than 70 countries, your local Bender technician provides technical support for all our products and systems.


  •  When safety is concerned in project planning
  •  Optimum assistance facilitates implementation
  •  High plant availability and productivity



Planning & Concept

From support to customised solutions

  • Detailed as-is analysis
  • Technical support for products and systems
  • Application assistance
  • Seminars, training and presentations

Selection of Devices & Project Scheduling

From the selection of the device to project scheduling

  • Selection of the appropriate components and systems
  • Working out a detailed solution
  • Assistance in tender invitations and project awarding


From installation to final inspection

  • Installation check
  • Parameter settings and adjustments
  • Test run and final inspection
  • Operator instruction/ training

Operation & Maintenance

From maintenance to repair

  • Repairs / troubleshooting
  • Maintenance, repairs, spare parts
  • Maintenance / repair works

Expansion & Modernization

From expansion to modernization

  • Technical advice on the improvement and modernisation
  • Planning and implementation of retrofitting
  • Optimization of installations and installation sections

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